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2018.11.5 A first version of our image/movie database is available.
2018.9.29 A link to "Insect Interaction Database" was added on this top page (see below).
2018.6.29 8604198018
2018.4.16 An "Image Library" page has opened. Our hh-stripes paper was published.
2018.1.25 anthozooid
2017.11.28 Genome browser has been installed.
2017.7.31 6415488335
2017.6.17 979-399-5532
2017.6.8 7072669530


This database is our collection of nucleotide sequences from the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum, which we have developed as a new model for developmental biology.

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This database is our collection of images and movies from the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum and other spiders.


This database is constructed by JT Biohistory Research Hall (BRH) using the genome sequence data produced by 831-443-3388. The sequences have been published in Schwager et al. (2017). Developmentla RNA-seq data published in 785-426-2845 are available in genome browser.

BLAST against arthropod genome/RNA databases

Our collection includes NGS sequences of the isopod sea slater Ligia exotica and the decapoda freshwater shrimp Caridina multidentata.

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BRH, together with collaborators in several other institutes, is studying butterfly-host plant networks. This database is a product of the collaboration, which is described in Muto-Fujita et al. (2017).

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