I believe you all know her.


Things are not always black and white.

The biker was bombarded by clouds of gnats along every mile of the bike trail.

This medicine should help a little.

"What's that?" "How am I supposed to know?"

Granville seems very tense.

In the Lithuanian township of Veisiejai, he was present at the death of a little girl. A raging fever consumed her. The unhappy mother almost went crazy with sorrow. For months afterwards he would hear her continual tears and wailing. He decided to leave general practice and to specialize as an oculist.

Within one day, they were in France.

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Ramesh doesn't get along with his neighbors like he used to.

Have you ever played hooky?

He says that he wants to settle down.

There's a rumor that the President will resign.

Have you ever seen a red river?

Lukas and Rupert followed John.

Shouldn't you take a break?

Willie and Alice always wear similar clothes.

I said I'm tired of it.

Tony is my ex-girlfriend.

No one will hurt you.

It was heartless of him to say such a thing to the sick man.

The train was about to leave.


I like watermelon.

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I never really cared for that.

The flu prevented him from playing golf.

She became a great artist.


Her boyfriend is a lazy man.

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Ask me something easier.

He is good at handball.

What relation is she to you?

He divided one million dollars among his five sons.

Inferiors revolt in order that they may be equal, and equals that they may be superior. Such is the state of mind which creates revolutions.

Kiki made the children clean their rooms.

The right word for this does not come to me.

The request became a hot political issue in the presidential campaign.

That happens to be why I came here today.

The non-word of the year 2011 is "Kebab murders".

The police found a body washed up on the beach near here.

Nobody has ever done this before.

The boy I thought was honest deceived me.

I don't know where your keys are.

According to the manufacturer's directions, tires should be changed every 10 years.


I left the key in the room.

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Reuben's busy right now, maybe come by later?

Who broke it?

Let's go check on them.

The father was angry with his son for doing such a silly thing.

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.

I'll do what I have to.

I found the bed quite comfortable.

Tah dah !

We are not acquainted with each other.

Make everyone feel at ease.

Electric illuminations add to the attraction at night.


I wish you'd tell me what happened.

Judy wanted to spend more time with his family.

I don't know what Damon did with it.

A cat ran across the street.

What time did you go to sleep?

She's alive!

She didn't write back.

I have the best mother in the world!

Almost one-third of all office workers wear spectacles.


Why not tomorrow?


The Hungarian flag is red, white and green.

I prefer staying to going.

Finland eliminated Russia from the Winter Olympics hockey tournament.

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Robbin woke up at 2:30.

Jim called for help.

He worked ten hours at a stretch.

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She is the only woman at her job.

Her story was not interesting.

The students were told to learn the poem by heart.

Let's synchronize our watches.

Art is long, time is fleeting.

What are you all doing here?

Between 1924 and 1934, Bialik served as the head of the Hebrew Language Committee.


I haven't seen you since high school.

I received a letter three months later.

What's your favorite flower?

She caught me by surprise.

Harv walked to the door and opened it.

The boy was accused of cheating during the exam.

She's a lot older than he is.

Anton put sugar in his coffee.

You're forgetting something, aren't you?


Nate couldn't believe his ears.

I transferred ownership of the car to my spouse.

They are very cheerful.

Who started unwrapping a new jar of Nutella?

She's quite a looker.


She is living in London.


Have you met Laurie's new girlfriend?

I don't think it would be wise to argue with Jos.

I like going fast.

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We want to talk with her.

Please drive slowly.

She cursed the times.


This safe is for keeping valuables.

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Do really expect me to help you?


I stayed at home because I have got flu.

Glad to meet you!

Pontus ran to catch the bus.

Japan does a lot of trade with Britain.

I'm so grateful.

Janice is John's twin.

She can speak Spanish, much more English.

Oh, my God!

Tell him to get a life.

It doesn't mean what you think it means.

He works at the company seven days a week.

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She felt something crawl up her leg.


I want him to apologize.

Today's party was really lively, wasn't it?

He walked her to her car.

My mother told me not to be noisy.

I teach.

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Rolfe is still waiting for Yvonne.

Your watch is similar to mine in shape and color.

That's how you want to rule Italy?

Warren may have been at the party last night, but I didn't see him there.

The repairs will cost at least 20 pounds.

We are happy.

The two boys never get along.

Gil often talks to himself when he's alone.

"Ah" is an interjection.

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What Triantaphyllos gave me wasn't enough.

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This is the first time I've ever talked to Marika in Finnish.


This medicine renews your strength.

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Eugene will be happy to show you the way.

They offered me your job.

Right now, we've got another problem.

There are plants that repel insects.

I've accepted Izchak's resignation.

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You should've stayed away.


Your room's ready.

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I don't even know if Travis has a girlfriend.

You shouldn't give the same weight to opinions as you do to facts.

I can see you are having an awesome time.


It's possible that Rand doesn't know how to unclog a sink.

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The fingerprints left on the weapon correspond with the suspect's.

We must always be prepared against disasters

You may wait outside.


Did you tell Hy what we talked about?

Lea isn't very important.

I don't have enough friends.


What did Elijah wear?


What did you think?

That's not going to happen any time soon.

Can you tell me if this is true?

Michael is stuck in jail because he can't afford bail.

God is not dead, He is surely alive.

The soldier said that death is not to be feared.

I told him I'd help.

I don't ever want Pradeep to write to my daughter again.

I'm getting used to it.

I fell in love with her at first sight.

I hear we're having a fire drill today.

The person from Egypt speaks Arabic.

Do you remember the name of your first French teacher?

She wasn't hurt, but she got goose bumps when her car nearly crashed.

We want welfare, not warfare.


Christina just wanted to talk to Barbra.