Betsy said investigations were continuing.

The company moved its corporate domicile to Hong Kong for tax purposes.

Many websites are supported by revenue from advertising.

Are you sure you can drive a truck this big?

Won't you change your mind?


Ricardo should be here any minute.

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I'll be back as soon as I find Helge.


Please take me home.

For 5 days we will train like hell!

His biography is quite true to life.

They worked hard day and night.

In the Netherlands, if a child is too insistent on asking for a cookie, he might be punished and get no cookie.

Do we have an agreement?

What're you doing in my apartment?

She scolded her son for being out until late.

She keeps complaining that she doesn't have time.

Toerless was momentarily silent.

He is a man of wisdom.

I could have died tonight.

The book's white.


I wouldn't have been able to do that without Ernie's help.

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Elwood begged Juha to slow down.

When the dog comes, a stone cannot be found. When the stone is found, the dog does not come.

No matter how heavily it snows, I have to leave.

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May I see your birth certificate?

If it were possible, someone would've done it by now.

We've discussed this already.


He is living outside the city.

I don't see what's so great about that.

We shouldn't have left Dani there by himself.

Piercarlo was put up for adoption.

I'll miss my teammates.

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As I'm very busy, don't count on me.

Who are you to tell her what to do?

Van has only been with our company for three months.

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They took a walk on the beach.


He is reading it.

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He has a cat.


My car is German.

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It's turtles all the way down.

She is popular not because of her beauty, but because of her kindness.

They missed you.

How did you get to work this morning?

We had an argument.

I've been on my feet all day, so I just need to sit down for a while.

He apologized to the teacher for coming to school late.

I need to see them.

You shouldn't have gone.

We'll try to do what we can.

Francois is really sick.

The flowers are still in bud.

Where does this street lead to?


I am not a native but I would leave it now the way it is.

That watch is a fancy job.

She froze for a moment.

Travis says he's homesick.

Shakil is already asleep.

Marcia listened as Jamie explained what to do.

I visited him once in a while.

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Get up, everybody.

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This is quite sound from a scientific aspect.

Has Jisheng filed a complaint?

He's very influential in Kansai's adult industry.

After dinner, bring your guitar along and we'll sing.

Samuel was ruined.


Does anyone know where I could find one?

You're wanted in the principal's office.

He didn't understand the concept of differential equations.

Here are your instructions.

Hold your tongue, Tollefsen.

I owe what I am to your assistance.

It's very small and narrow.

However, in America, sports teams are generally chosen by skill, and academic courses by ability.

Lance finished off the soup.


Lynnette can't believe how dense Marnix is.


I just want to do my job.

We used to go to the movies on Saturday evening.

According to the tradition, Homer was blind.

Do not worry, Hiroshi, that in this life we all arrive where we need to be.

The noted diplomat readily participated in the committee.

Can't you see it's your only chance?

I was busy packing, because I was leaving for France in two days.

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I left early to catch the first bus.

You've made them unhappy.

High calorie foods are bad for my health.


I'm not brave, I admit; but I'm not superstitious.

That person has a mole at the side of his eye.

Cicadas are singing.

Clay became aware of a brand new world.

I thought he would come.

I saw him for the first time in 10 years.

I need to know why you weren't here.


We set the time and date for the game.


Hirofumi used the same towel for ten days straight.


You have to tell Celeste that you won't be going to Boston with him.

Mitchell wasn't surprised that Sedat was afraid.

Will Gore stand as presidential candidate?

In the special forces, they also teach you how to eat shit and how to love eating it.

I need money in general, not just now.


He got really mad.

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I guess I don't agree with you.

I only left her one message.

She struggled to get up.

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Do you like your hot dog?

I'm somewhat dizzy.

Barack Obama is aiming for an international ban on nuclear weapons, but is not against them in all wars.

I learned that a long time ago.

We unearth potatoes.


Varda'll talk.


Patiently, he collected fact after fact.

Speaking medically, I advise you to lose weight.

The scientist found that rats treated with the chemical lost on average 30% of their weight.

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I did it with my own two hands.


This mango tree provides quite a bit of shade.

Maybe Giovanni doesn't want you to worry.

Linda has never cut his own children's hair.

He grinned cheerfully at Julius.

About how much will it cost?

Ernest has to speak French at work.

Finish drinking your milk.

Your new hat is very becoming on you.

Better the bitter truth than a sweet lie.


When does the last train start?

You must pay the admission fee here.

She's two years older than I am.

The woman tests the rice.

I've got good news.

As the situation is delicate, you should be careful of what you say.

Laura may have been sick.

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Everybody is in a good mood looking forward to the five-day holiday that starts tomorrow.

The pink pillow is clean.

If you would like me to introduce you to him, I will write him right away.

No worries! This is good enough!

I like that about you.

He was afraid that he might hurt her feelings.

Beer is my fuel.


Takuya told me to leave right away.


You need not worry about her.

If you had told me that before we started, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

I dreamed of my native village.

Alan gave the impression that he wasn't happy.

He stepped aside for an old man to pass.

The doctor operates two days a week.

Matthew was overcome with jealousy.

That person you spoke about is my sister.

I'm only bringing in a plant.


Carole doesn't care who does the job as long as the job gets done.

I don't want that kind of life for our children.

Thad tends to lose things.

Pitawas is wearing a black tie.

I thought you had to go.

It's hail stoning.

Some of us went by bus, and the others by bicycle.

Frederick is on the honor roll.

Scott is the owner of a very big house.

I've been up all night thinking about that.

If you learn English at all, learn it thoroughly.


Olaf was killed by the husband of the woman he had been hanging out with.

I was walking in the park with a friend of mine when it started raining.

Pilot is furious that Sugih is going to Boston without him.

It's pretty romantic, isn't it?

I'll pick her up.