Our Mission

We work with Marketing & Sales teams in progressive organisations to analyse and visualise customer data with one goal: actionable insights. We apply leading edge data science and machine learning technology to provide a cost effective "pay as you go" platform that unifies first-party data with third-party data and behavioural research, helping organisations create the "Single Customer View".

About us

We find ourselves in the midst of a data revolution so vast, pervasive and young that it’s hard to take it all in for our clients. It is likely to lead to a transformation no less consequential than the industrial revolution, creating new wealth, prosperity and convenience on a truly massive scale.

Data Practitioners Limited (DPL) was founded in response to clients’ needs for “Analytics and Insights based on High Quality Data”. DPL is a data-driven technology business, bringing together data science and advanced technology to provide end customer insights and engagement.

We’re taking a holistic approach: the discovery, organisation and management of data allowing optimal value extraction. We help clients to trust and utilise their data to acquire more customers, improve customer lifetime value, enter new markets, develop new products, ultimately creating greater efficiency and increased ROI for the business.

Our clients are spread across industry sectors including financial services, FMCG, retail and luxury goods.

Data Discovery <br>& Managment
Data Discovery
& Managment
Data Unification <br>& Cleansing
Data Unification
& Cleansing
Data Science <br>& Machine Learning
Data Science
& Machine Learning
Activation <br>& Data Utilisation
& Data Utilisation

The Team

The entrepreneurial team is made up of highly experienced subject matter experts, technologists, data scientists and customer engagement specialists with a passion for helping business grow through the effective use of data. We have a wide variety of backgrounds, from IT consultancy & services, digital, adtech to software.

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At Data Practitioners, we place a premium on inquisitiveness and learning. You can find us at expos and conferences on diverse subjects from machine learning and AI to digital marketing. We regularly host breakfast briefings and drinks events that cover critical subject matter and bring our deep networks together. This section gives details of the upcoming events we’re attending. If you’d like to have a coffee at one of these event, please drop us a line: hello@datapractitioners.org
Date: November 13-14, 2018