Could I place this here?

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Sometimes really bad things happen.

Gill lowered his voice slightly.

French is his mother tongue.


They wish to rent it for how long?

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I'm going to keep my side of the bargain.

Please add a new sentence.

We have bigger problems to worry about.


Long-sleeved shirts are good for cold weather.

I don't even think Matthew heard me.

Edith is the father of the bride.


Maybe he liked the idea.

It is as impossible for man to demonstrate the existence of God as it would be for even Sherlock Holmes to demonstrate the existence of Arthur Conan Doyle.

There aren't many students who can read Latin.


Let's dance till the break of dawn!


Isn't this illegal?

I remember the day you were born very well.

Beth told his teacher that he had been sick, but that wasn't true.

I don't think that's going to happen.

I can see your little book.


How did it get here?

Are there any express trains?

I was thinking you might like to go camping with us this weekend.


Most of my pain is gone.

Old people don't like new ideas; they like to think that the world has lost something, rather than improved, since they were young.

I have a watch that is nice, if not new.


Mayo said no.

We had no trouble.

Do you have some wine?

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Where's Kazuhiro's mother?

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They hate our guts.

How much do those things cost?

She had achieved her objective.

The engine came back to life.

He was elected captain of the team.

He is flying to Paris tomorrow.

Can you give my brother a job?

Go right ahead.

He would often sit for hours doing nothing.


This will have far-reaching repercussions.

Scotland is famous for its woollen textiles.

Both Piotr and Lech are from Poland.

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I have wanted to go to Brazil for many years.

So I boosted a couple of CDs. So what?

I want to see what there is inside.

You're not really that naive, are you?

I quit smoking three years ago.

God is a circle whose circumference is a straight line.

Dave took more than one picture, didn't he?

It wasn't me. It was Nigel.

We had a fabulous day on the mountain.

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I have to take a leak.


He made it clear that he was against the plan.


Oh, I know this man!

The pharmaceutical company raised the price of a lifesaving drug overnight.

This is a special occasion.

Jose and Hubert sat at opposite ends of the couch.

Sir speaks two foreign languages.

May I use this bat?

A meter is 100 centimeters.

She can wait till the cows come home but he'll never come back.

Good always wins over evil.

I completely understand that.

I'd like to check in, please.

When he got back up on his feet, the girl and the goat had disappeared.

I need to know who Jaime is.

Instead of whispering it quietly, why don't you say it to my face!

A flea can jump 200 times its own height.

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I worked on the farm all day.

This sentence seems to be grammatically correct.

His hair was cut short and he was clean-shaven.

They don't do it.

Do the windows open?

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I can't whistle.

What's really bothering him?

I had Duke create a website for me.

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Many consumer reviews of books on Amazon are fake.


We sometimes disparagingly call noise, music that's insignificant and devoid of any charm.


This food smells rotten.

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We cheerfully discussed the matter over a drink.

I could live peacefully here.

There are always some chores to be done about the house.

What are you going to eat today?

A touch of nervousness besets me because tomorrow I've got a German exam.

It is going to be cold tonight.

You know I didn't do it.

The children were excited by the fireworks display.

We have been assigned the large classroom.

My rent's due tomorrow.

The rest is history.

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Don't follow the fashion.

Would you explain this sentence to me?

No one can tell.

I invited my neighbors to dinner.

I think the death penalty is not a very effective way of trying to curb crimes.

Edith claimed that his father had raped him on multiple occasions.

I should call a doctor.


The thieves made off in a waiting car.

If you're not doing anything, why don't you come fishing with me at the weekend?

But always pleasure is accompanied by pain.

I want to study math.

Water freezes at 0 degrees Centigrade.

The wind drifted the snow.

Jinny had no reason not to do it.


People's opinions depend on the spirit of the times.


Join the sports revolution.

Why do you think that is?

Though he is more than sixty years old, he looks young.

How do you suggest we go about it?

Chinese food is no less nice than French food is.

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

Since he doesn't feel well today, he can't come to the office.

Jitendra said I might lose it.

We have everything under control.

Are you cool with that?

I thought I'd give you a key.

Would you tell me why you have refused their offer?

What a creative idea!

This news report created a lot of confusion.

This matter had best be left unmentioned.


Are you off duty tonight?


Soon after this Kay came in again, with thick gloves on his hands, and his sledge slung across his back.

I don't care who pays, as long as it isn't me.

What would the world do without tea?

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He did not have enough money.

I am in a stew.

The Code of Hammurabi is one of the world's most ancient code of laws.

I fell in love in an unlikely place.

I'll keep it for him.

The smell is pleasant.

Sjouke was too stunned to reply.


I don't think I'm uninteresting.

Are you really only thirteen?

The good woman is making a soup.


I'll be responsible.

It is a matter of indifference to him.

When did you get out of the hospital?


It is getting warmer and warmer day by day.

Let's go home.

We both did really well.

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No man would say that.

Giovanni can advise you.


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We don't have that long.

Tollefsen took Dawn swimming.

I don't have time to play games with you.


You got in pretty late last night.


You shouldn't do too much.


Ethan might have cancer.

Jeffery is lucky to be alive.

I figured you might change your mind.


Suddenly, there was a period of terrible violence and hatred between blacks and whites.

Both garage doors were open.

It is common for students to skip breakfast before going to school.

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Plastic got on a horse and followed Gail.

I don't know what the word 'impossible' means.

We just need to do better next time.

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I'll come and see you later.