He knew that you have a new car.

If you're drunk don't take the wheel of a car.

I can't get Daniele to help me.

Bring it back when you are through.

I long for a job as a flight attendant.

Everyone loves you.

Hurry up, we are leaving!

I can see you're not as open-minded as I thought you were.


I've got to get to him.

Tell Sean that you love him before it's too late.

She posted an entry to the blog yesterday.


I stepped on one.


Shankar is still living in exile.

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Are you serious about getting married?


Is there a TV in the room?


There's one thing that is bothering me.

He did nothing but cry.

It seems pretty obvious.

He will join us later.

He's all excited.

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What is the exact meaning of this word?

You're the expert, so you tell me.

The children were rushing about.


If plants and stones are in the water then this will happen: the plants float and the rocks sink.


The prisoner is in chains.

I've never had those kinds of problems.

I can promise you that.

There are streetcars in Berlin.

I thought I saw Eddie in the mirror.

I don't want to complain, but it's two o'clock and we still have to eat.

I suggest a correction to this sentence.

Is this bad for my hair?

We both were really drunk.

It was foolish of him to waste his money on such trifles.

She wrote a book about the visitors.

Rise when called.

Would that have been hard?


The bus fare was raised.

Off with the dots !

The population of New York is smaller than that of Tokyo.


Delbert spoke with me about you.


That was a complete waste of time.

We tried to cheer Son up.

Paulo, they spoke ill of you in school.

Yes, it did happen, but not in this year.

Hamilton was nowhere to be found.

He made his way through the crowd.

Julian walked right past Straka without recognizing her.

You better tell me the truth.

They listened to the classical music sometimes.

There was no malice in what he did.

I noted that her answer was incorrect.


It was her fearfully pale complexion that caught his eye.

"And do the travellers remember him?"

Srinivasan works at the supermarket.

He won't hurt you.

Are you coming down?

He's as smart as anyone else in the class.

He completed his work at the expense of his health.

I got fired from my job this morning. But, when it rains it pours, and upon coming out of the office building I found that someone had stolen my car.

I promise I won't tell.

They eat healthy foods.

Paola is afraid to go out at night.

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Ricardo asked Murray to teach him how to do the waltz.

Patrick encouraged Penny to do that.

He is not as intelligent as his older brother.

Because the adults have a lot to do, the children are left to their own devices.

As the poet says, a little learning is a dangerous thing.

What happened to Jinny could happen to you.

Who was the last person to log on to the computer?


I think we have heard enough on this.

Spudboy opened the front door to let the dog out.

They weren't listening.

May I open my eyes now?

This morning I ate french fries with sour cream.

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Play that song again.

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Dorothy is powerful, isn't he?

I recommend the public transport be enhanced.

Don't text and drive.

Please take this chart to the X-ray Room on the third floor.

Where are you going in such a big hurry?


Liisa didn't have a clue what to do.

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He was warned several times.


Men with guns were waiting for them.

They got to a village under a hill.

Playing basketball is fun.

I can't explain those disappearances, but it wasn't me.

When I was eighteen, I could speak eight languages.

She was a Brown before her marriage.

Michel is the type of person who likes to complain.

It looks like Nils is sleeping.

Those ideas are alien to our way of thinking.

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This must stop.

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He doesn't stand a chance against his opponent.


Kerri wanted a moderately priced car.


He has long experience in teaching.

Why didn't the half-cooked steak say hello to the nearly-cooked steak when the two saw each other? They both weren't ready.

May I ask who's speaking?


This vase is made of iron.

He doesn't eat this, does he?

Sanity isn't babbling.

You're going to have to deal with that.

Liber doesn't always tell the truth.


The table sits six people.

The successful concert tour established her reputation as a singer.

I hope to effect positive change in the world.

Tell me why you were absent from school yesterday.

May I try this sweater on?


Knudsen decided to throw a party for Surya.

It was very hard.

A foreign language cannot be mastered in a year or so.

Cold, wet and wild weather with the possibility of a dusting of snow has been forecast for this weekend.

I never had to worry about them.

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Nearly the entire class raised their hands.


Elliot intervened in his coworkers' disagreement.

Herve doesn't seem to understand any French.

Don't tell Tad that.

What are the biggest challenges?

He's no judge of music.


This is Johann's handiwork.

You might want to reconsider that.

The prince loitered about all day.

She became a great artist.

You might as well just give up.

Many high school students hang around at book stores reading comics.

Everybody admired his courage.


Will you swim with them?

They didn't obey their parents.

Those guys are looking at us.

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I often go to Elena's house.

Two years ago in the Atlantic ocean parts of the crashed plane were found.

I'm glad I hired you.


We were disappointed at her absence.

A gunshot was heard in the distance.

The new store opens next week.

His father has never scolded him.

I've already made it.

I was almost naked.

Kimmo worked for weeks on that project.

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How can three men divide $5? I'll give each of them only $1, and I'll keep $2.


She handed out a key to him.

Give Pamela a kiss.

Daren never walks barefoot.

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He lends money at a high rate of interest.

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Please speak more clearly.

Ssi has a ring.

Do you think you and Gideon will get back together?

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Behave yourselves!

We'll get through this together.

The older son succeeded in doubling his inheritance.

Swamy sounded happy.

Where's this coming from?

He doesn't bungle anything.

Don't touch my guitar.

Her grandmother walks around all hunched over.

For the sake of children in need, we cooperated to collect donations.

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Mick has a good reputation.

You can't hate the guy.

I'm in pain every day.

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Vilhelm is obviously infatuated with Tobias.