Are you hitting on me?

They eat with a knife and fork.

Blair escaped from the castle, disguised as a woman.

I don't mind the cold, but I can't stand the heat.

What is done by night appears by day.

Can you tell me what's wrong?


They have really good food there.

My brother is not satisfied with his new car.

Sergei had a cat.

This autumn I am, unusually, watching many drama series.

Dan wanted to come by to see Linda's son.


Now what's the deal?

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That would be ironic, wouldn't it?

I want to speak to Patricia.

I have been living here for a long time.

That automatically disqualifies him from speaking on the subject.

Suwandi isn't going to let you go.


We've just got to do something.

Cristina is one of Sanford's best friends.

Nelken stopped looking for the treasure and went back home.

We're not so confident.

Governments cannot be expected to solve this problem.

I'm feeling really grumpy. I guess it's PMS.

Israel seems friendlier than before.


A bumblebee flew out the window.

Can I make a telephone call, please?

He is only a man.

You've got to call me tomorrow.

The reason the Northern and Southern Dynasties had failed in their rule was that they allowed literary splendor to surpass real substance.

It is still a mystery why he suddenly left the town.

You look good without your glasses.

I can't hide it from you any longer.

Harv lay on the bed with his eyes open.


I'm looking for a way out of here.

She has a very quick mind.

The lawyer represented his client at the meeting.


Let's hope Bruno can do better next time.

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I called to thank him.


Our success was due in part to good luck.

My son loves to read books about dinosaurs.

It doesn't matter how much you keep saying this is your house, please stop walking around naked.

Tyranny is everywhere.

Poetry has no other goal than itself.

I want to do something of lasting value for humanity.

Be as quick as you can.


Douglas is so stunned he can hardly speak.

When he was faced with the evidence, he had to admit that he was guilty.

Have you ever subscribed to any English language newspaper?

Regardless of that reason, I defend the noble Lojban language against word-shape crimes.

Dylan says he has a plan.

I can't sell it for love or money.

A committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but who, as a group, can meet and decide that nothing can be done.


If anything is to be called sacred, it's the human body.

Ah, so!

Workers are installing extra loudspeakers because the music in tonight's concert will need amplification.

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Students stand up when their teacher enters.


Because dogs are more faithful than cats.

Morgan wasn't expecting me.

I'll try to get a little sleep.

Two police officers tried to restrain him, but he broke away and ran into a nearby house.

Loyd didn't know what to give Charlie for her birthday.


I got a message from them.


Harvey went out for a breath of fresh air.


I walked across the street.

Society prepares the crime, criminal commits it.

Some of the photos have been taken at the risk of life.

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Did you solve the problem?

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I feel helpless sometimes.

Japanese women tend to look tiny and delicate.

Several thousand people were deprived of transportation by the accident.


Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness monster?

I'm not upset, but I'm really disappointed.

Yes, he can, if he tries hard.


That's a huge cost savings.

We're going to eat a lot tonight so I hope you're not on a diet.

The penny eventually dropped!

I just want to go to school.

Believe me, I've tried.


Why don't you say it in Berber?


I can't believe Earnie is really that upset.

Have you listened to this song?

Lois stole my wallet from me.

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I had no visitors today.


Are you enjoying your weekend?

Why not take your coat off?

It was you that was responsible for the accident.

My grandfather died of a disease at eighty.

I handed Elizabeth the envelope.

Jayesh belongs in jail.

I'm glad Julia invited you.

Hillel was holding something in his right hand.

There is an urgent need for water.

A snowstorm is coming in.

You'll have more time next week.

However, the survivors are unaware of that fact.

I could've met you at the airport.



The Second World War started in 1939.

When will your parents get home?

I'm looking forward to going to the concert.

How was your date?

The supermarket is open.

I think Spudboy is just trying to be practical.

A Mr Sato called in your absence.

This hotel has a magnificent view of the sea.

Hirotoshi's feelings were not reciprocated.

If you can't help me, at least let me work.

Marsh said you were driving drunk.

Why do you think he said so?

The mother missed her daughter who was away at college.

These are birds.


The heavy door swung open.

Let's go down the street.

I needed to talk to her.

I'm now writing a letter to my Chinese teacher.

Motivation is the key to success.

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Linda did it for his family.


You won't have to worry about Saad.


People are cool when they're gutsy, doesn't matter if they're men or women.

I can't swim now as well as I used to be able to.

When did you first meet Ricardo?

He held over his decision until he got more information.

Good morning, friends, this is the programme "Life is pain!".

It is strange that he has not come yet.

I know a guy in Boston.

I like to comb my hair.

I don't think I can survive in this place.

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It looks like she has a lot of friends.

What was his name again?

I spent the entire weekend in the library studying.

Bruno opened the envelope and took out the letter.

You won't have your way with me!

We partied together.

I'm going to figure out who did this.

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He's new in town.

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Who were the other suspects?

We captured him.

I'm giving up smoking.

I always wanted to be a teacher.

I really want you to be my friend.


I often enjoy listening to classical music after supper.

I think it must've been Adlai who did this.

Barry and Evan watched John go out the door.

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Dan drove Linda to his house to meet his parents.

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That sounds pretty bad.

In the war, many people died young.

It will prove to be up to expectation.

Just tell me where Jeany is.

When it comes to playing golf, you cannot beat him.

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I overslept so I was late to school.


There is an abundance.


The film should have already started.

He's hung like a horse.

He scolded her for having left the door open.


You're a trained professional.

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Alastair won't like that.

He's clever, and so is his brother.

I cheated on my boyfriend.

I want you to be my maid of honor.

Broadly speaking, dogs are more faithful than cats.