If Carl gives you any trouble, just call me.

Mr Smith is drinking coffee.

Getting a sports car is easy, compared to the maintenance one must do on it.

In the past, he lived, as it seems to me, in Spain.

The correspondent filed a report from Moscow.

Before you give orders, you must learn to obey.

Ro introduced himself.

Bob made room for an old woman on the bus.

You can play this piano, but not at night.

You can't buy respect.

I appreciate your help on this.

They will understand.

Cathy has no recollection of how he got his black eye.

Ideas don't really have a home on the ground, they float in the air between people.

This picture has a very interesting history.

When seen in the perspective of half-a-dozen years or more, the best of our fashions strike us as grotesque, if not unsightly.

Agatha is here to talk.

We talked to each other for a while.


Long hair is such a bother.

You can't change him.

They built an asylum for the blind.

My sister stole my nail polish.

How sweet!

I know how hard Marsh studied.

The root cause of Kayvan's problems is the way she was treated as a child.

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Everybody is sad when their side loses an election.


We went to Boston to visit them.

Jeffrey is really good at math.

We made a bargain that we wouldn't forsake each other.

They are in the teachers' room.

Bread is made from wheat.

The dancer whirled around the hall.

Blood flows through blood vessels.

We're running out of money.

I really love what I do.

I wash my apples.

I think that's hogwash.

Were there any problems?

She bought a new car.

The house is on fire.

Everyone is waiting for them.


Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

Stewart was given full custody of the children.

Dannie couldn't come because he was sick.

Jerry is used to this kind of situation.

Spike is a guard.

Kamiya is no leader.

I play basketball with him.

The dismissal of foreign minister Tanaka is symbolic of the continuing political turmoil.

Sire, I had no need of that hypothesis.

Someone told me about that.

You're a very gifted artist.


Perhaps you'd better leave.

I bought some tennis balls.

You're just another notch in my bedpost.

He was dragged along by the current.

I knew I recognized Arne from somewhere.


Who told you?

I would like to see you again some day.

I get off at the next station.

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He isn't here because he's ill.


I've got to get a reference from the University.

Are you a journalist?

The trip will take at least eight hours.

There are only two days left.

I think I should check on Elisabeth.

This wallet is made out of paper.

Why did your cats hide under the blanket?


There is no reason for me not doing something.

I paid five dollars for the book.

Just staying alive in these times is hard enough.

Oxygen and hydrogen make water.

Why does Patricio always look so tired?

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The police broke up the crowd.

I don't care about Instagram.

It's obvious that you're wrong.

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Alf was probably Leila's closest friend.

The local coffee shop was replaced by a Starbucks.

Sunil is much taller than me.

I've spent all the money.

I advised him to give up smoking, but he would not listen to me.

It's a town of three thousand souls.

Big girls don't cry.

The problem is that the money is not of such importance as the time.

I'm not going to stop working.


A rook is a chess piece.


Every time Lonhyn smiles at him, Charlie feels happy.

That team has nothing but strong players.

He's just not the person I thought he was.

Shakil wasn't very concerned.

An oni will appear inevitably to those who fear oni.

The semicolon is the most feared punctuation on earth.

Leonard looked stunned.

Cindie enjoyed looking at the paintings hanging on Sunil's wall.

A tiny spark may become a great conflagration.

I thought it was Mosur, but it was John.

What was he doing when you saw him?

Valerie is an avid reader of history.

I had to get away from them.


Did they buy the juice?


He sawed off the branch he was sitting on.

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Angela has probably already gone to bed by now.


This is not yours.

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The bioluminescent bay was the highlight of our trip.

A critic once said that if you saw my ballet paintings, you didn't have to go to a live performance.

I confronted her.

It is nothing more than an individual's opinion.

This holiday isn't much fun - we should have gone home.

Frederick's mother thought he needed to make some new friends.

Pradeep seemed to be having trouble opening the door.

We have fish for dinner every Friday.

Elwood has been friends with Naim for a long time.


Come and windsurf with me.


The poor old woman had her bag stolen again.


When was the last time you lost your keys?


I'll talk with him tonight.


I don't want to tempt fate.

I am sweeping the yard.

I have a fever of 102 degrees.

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I have heard the story.

Jan should run.

It's almost late.

I have lived here since 1990.

I am thinking of going to the mountains.

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Can you tell me exactly what you saw?

Jayant is obviously a beginner.

I want to make this perfectly clear.

Everybody seems to be confused.

Have they found her yet?

Hunter didn't like the situation.

Where's the rest of the money?


Anatole spoke up.

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I have a great fear of being disdained by those I love and care about.


You should have accepted her advice.


Your sanity isn't in question.

He disappeared in an instant.

This is an age when honesty does not pay.

My parents left the church.

Everything always winds up being my fault, doesn't it?


She's not my type.

Vinod pulled up a chair and sat down.

His seat in the plane was on the aisle.

You don't expect an answer now, do you?

Belinda and Gunnar spent the evening talking about John's problems.

No one helped me.

I've been very busy.

You're not the only one who can't attend today's meeting.

The task is of great importance to them.


Shaw, I asked you a question!

I have pain when urinating.

Can I do anything to help?

I'm not the only one who thinks you're stupid.

It has a flaw.

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It is only halfway zipped.


Eh, just a second, let me finish this.


Speaking the same language in between several cultures sometimes is a source of more confusion than to speak different languages, since we are less aware of the different meanings that the same words can entail.

Evan put all of his assets in a blind trust.

I continued taking photographs.

A fish bone has stuck in my throat.

Anita's mom raised him by herself.

I told her to leave.

I decided to go swimming.

They can't all be bad.

Even though I ate three bowls of cereal for breakfast, I'm still hungry.

Are you all set to go?

I don't want to piss him off.